An Introduction to The One YYC

I am a single mother, Psychologist, Survivor of Trauma, Domestic Violence and Narcissistic Abuse, and Advocate.

Until recently, my work focused solely on at-risk/ high-risk children and youth. However, my recent (and ongoing) journey as Survivor has motivated me to act, advocate, offer support, and work towards making changes to “the system”. My mission is to ensure that other Survivors and their families will not have to experience obstacles and upsets similar to those that I faced. I have taken a proactive role and decided that I will not let the adversity that I experienced define me; instead it is my motivating force.

The intentions of The One are many and the blog you are reading now is a collection of experiences, ideas and resources intended for you, the audience, who has likely found The One or searched for something like The One in order to ask for support.

With this blog in particular, I will be bringing you on a journey of my life -past, present, and future; as they are all proving to be interconnected. My journey will not be laid out in a chronological or linear manner. Instead, at any given time I may discuss what is on my mind in that moment, what I am facing in the here and now, what I am preparing to face or that which I have already overcome. I also intend to reflect on my experiences, address questions, encourage thoughtful discussion, and facilitate understanding.

To say the least, my life has been complex, plagued with endless obstacles, speed-bumps, and twists and turns. Despite the unpredictable journey, I am still here standing and I am standing strong and proud. I have navigated my way from oppression to empowerment. Thus, my experiences were not in vain, they bolstered my strength, inspired my growth, and directed my path. I am motivated by passion. I hope The One can do the same for you.