The One Solution

The One’s discrete, secure and confidential services support survivors who have been repressed, unheard or undermined by their abusers and/or the system and empowers them to believe in their abilities and the abilities of their families to change their lives.

  • One stop, wraparound service.

  • System Navigator to identify what service(s) may be needed.

  • Trusted Confidante offers practical, social, emotional and physical support.

  • Wide array of support, services and treatments.

  • Services will be provided from a trauma-informed lens.

  • Telehealth options available, when and where applicable.

  • No survivor will be sent away without applicable resources or information.

“Contrary to stereotypes, domestic violence has no boundaries. There is no demographic, race, sex or culture that is immune”.

Patrizia Giampaolo • Founder, Survivor and Psychologist

Benefits We Value 

Safe, Immediate Assistance

Available from experienced providers.

One Point of Contact

Minimizes wasted time and effort, and mitigates getting lost, dropped or misinformed within the current system.

Better Overall Care

Providing wraparound services for survivors and their families reduces the probability of issues becoming systemic and/or repeated over time, and it allows us to coordinate a successful transition to the survivor’s independent living.

More Balanced Functioning

With survivors getting the help they need they will be in a better frame of mind when it comes to understanding information, retaining key points and making informed decisions with key professionals (e.g., lawyers, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.).

Domestic Violence

the abuse of power within relationships of family, trust or dependency that endangers the survival, security or well-being of another person.